Why Stockertown PA?

Why Stockertown PA?




If you are one of our “older” customers you’re probably asking yourself, “Again? They moved again? What’s wrong with those people?”

Well the simple answer is yes, we moved again. The not as simple answer is why. We did it for several reasons.

First, we moved to the last place, put a ton of money and time into fixing it up, but the problem was, it was still sort of a dump. We couldn’t keep it warm, we couldn’t keep the mice out (sounds cute, but because of the way the ceiling and insulation were open, it literally used to rain mouse sh*t) and it was sort of hard to find. Plus honestly, we moved there while Beverly was dying (our mom), and that was actually where we got the final word about her.

While it sounds like it all might have been bad it wasn’t. We made a few good friends such as Stacey over at Glassworks, Frank Sweetin, Moira and her “crew” at GoodGrief, and the ever popular Verdell Hickerson.

Stockertown is a beautiful and  very interesting place. And it’s located in an amazingly good locale. It is about 45 minutes from where we were, an hour and change from both NYC and Philly enabling us to service our customers even more efficiently than ever.

The icing on the cake is that we are going to be doing something in Stockertown that our previous studios just didn’t lend themselves to. In a nutshell,  a DIY glass etching workshop where kids, adults, and anyone in between can come and make their own etched glass pieces. We call it Etch Your Heart Out® and we are actually pretty darned excited about it.


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