Wholesale Drinkware Information

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We’ve been in the glass etching business a long time. In fact, well over a decade. Having morphed from our roots as commercial printers (we started in 1983) we understand what it takes to achieve and maintain the highest levels of quality and service. We’ve done work for lots of big companies like AT&T, FedEx and Nabisco.


The thing is, as good as we are, we really aren’t salesmen. (In truth, we’re probably way too soft-sell.) That’s why we generally prefer to do our work on a wholesale basis for qualified, industry-specific businesses and let them do the selling.


So here is the general idea of what we have to offer:


  • You take orders at your store or your site and forward it on to us.  Our minimum order is 1 piece.
  • About 2 business days later (if you don’t want to see proofs), we will send the finished pieces back to either you or, if so directed, to your customer.
  • We ship under your label and account number. We don’t mark up shipping.
  • Our work is 100% guaranteed with no questions asked. We only have two simple provisos, any art must be high enough resolution (B&W, 300 dpi) to etch well, and typos are not our responsibility unless caused by us.
  • Personalization is free.
  • You can buy the blank goods and we can hold them here and ship as needed or you can buy ours.
  • You decide what you want to sell. (You know what your customers want better than we do.)
  • We etch via abrasive-blasting. It’s the highest quality, most consistent way to etch glass.
  • We can etch words, logos, and any most type of “line” art.  Prior to commencing the program you pick the typefaces and designs that you want to offer.
  • We have VERY simple pricing, so there are never any surprises.
  • We are small enough to tailor a program to your needs, but large enough to produce the highest quality work in a timely manner. Plus you are never more than one voice away from talking to the owner.
  • This program and its pricing are available for qualified resellers only – period. This program is not available to end users.

After digesting what we’ve had to say, if you’d like to make a few bucsk as well as look good in front of your customers, drop me a line or give us a call at 610-365-8089 and we can get things going.


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