Terms and Conditions


 Dealing with us
We’re not all that difficult to deal with, but there are things you’ll need to know. In order to produce your job in the most expedient manner possible:

All of our price quotes are good for 30 days unless specified otherwise. These are all inclusive less shipping and any applicable taxes.

We like to tell people 7-10 working days, but if we have the item is stock, depending upon the size of the order, it could be as little as a day or two. Just let us know when you need it.

Rush Orders
We don’t charge for rush orders. Our schedule permitting, we will accept your deadline. If we feel that we may not be able to meet it, we will decline the job.

As we will produce as little as one piece, we don’t have “sample pricing.” If you want an un-etched piece prior to making your final selection, we will happily supply it. The charge is the same as if we made one piece. If you return the piece in the same condition in which we shipped it, we will apply the money towards your order.

This is the one area where we are sticklers. We accept Discover, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal, checks and cash. We also offer net 10 day terms to approved accounts as long as the order is over $500. Orders from individuals require a 50% deposit with the balance due upon completion. In the event a check is returned by your bank for any reason, there will be a $35 processing charge.

You can pick it up. We can deliver it if you’re local. We can ship it via FedEx or UPS using your account number. Whatever makes the most sense for you. If we are drop shipping please supply us with labels.

We can only etch text and/or black and white graphics. You are welcome to supply the art, but you are usually better off letting us do it for you. We tend to know what etches better and we know the layout of the piece. If you want to do the typesetting/art yourself, we can accept EPS, AI, QXP and PDF files.

We will either fax or e-mail you a proof to check. If via e-mail it will be a PDF file. Either way, you should get back to us as soon as possible so as to not “hold up” production. Sorry to say, delays in letting us know how to proceed will in all likelihood delay your job’s delivery date.

Our mistake policy is pretty straight forward. If we mess up, we fix it for free. All we ask is that you return the bad items to us. If the mistake is yours (either you made the mistake originally or missed something on a proof) we’ll redo the job at our regular price less a 20% discount.

All of our pieces (except drinkware) include personalization at no extra charge. All we ask is that you provide us with a text file of the variable names or information.

Product Variation
Almost all of our glass and crystal is finished by hand and while all tolerances are very tight, there will always be some variation from piece to piece. In addition, flow lines, bubbles and marks are not uncommon in pressed, molded or hand blown items and are not considered defects.

Supplied Goods

As a general rule, we do not accept supplied goods from retail customers except for wine and champagne bottles. As mistakes do occasionally happen, we can not accept responsibility for your materials and our liability is limited to the re-etching of your replacement materials.

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