The Story

The Story


After years spent traveling the globe (or at least Northern New Jersey and points of Philadelphia), we decided that it was time to settle down and pursue both of our passions – creating beautiful items made of glass and crystal and helping people feel good about themselves.

Serendipity Glass is much more than some stodgy old glass or awards company you’ve dealt with in the past. It is an opportunity to interact with artists who understand both your needs and desires. On both a local and global scale.

We know we’re really freaks when it comes to doing business, and we don’t apologize for the fact.

We treat our customers the way we expect to be treated. That being said, we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. We don’t wear suits, we don’t make sales calls and we don’t beg for orders. Simply put we work really hard and do a really good job for people and companies that we like and respect.

As a side note, our website shows a ton of stuff that we do, but it doesn’t scratch the surface of what we offer. It is meant as an overview and to give ideas. We think it is much more important to sell you want you want, not just the products that we want to sell to you.

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