Glass That Works Almost as Hard as You Do!

The Reason


There comes a time when you realize that “good enough” just isn’t, well… good enough. It’s a realization we came to years ago, and since then have applied that truth to every single thing we do. Yes, you can probably find etched glass awards cheaper if you shop around, but they won’t be done with the same craftsmanship we put into our work. We’ve had customers come back to us after “getting it done cheaper” somewhere else, and they tell us the same thing, every time. “We’re coming back to you. Your quality really is better.”

While outstanding quality is one of the aspects of our work we’re most proud of, it’s not the only one. We’ve been in business for a long time – let’s just say we’ve weathered more than one recession – and we’ve seen other small businesses come and go. Some were our competitors, others were our friends. We have been able to ride out the rough times because our commitment to our customers has never wavered. We will move heaven and earth for you, whether it’s finding a specific sort of piece you want or helping you come up with a design idea that will blow the socks off everyone who sees it.

We’re fancy glass guys. That’s all we do and because of that, we do it well. We’ve been blessed with great customers and a long, rich history, and we’re looking forward to many more years of bringing beautiful glass products to you.

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